Guess what?

Every question mark drives to curiosity.


In 2010 Milanovetrine is only an idea of two Italian entrepreneurs: they desired to ride the growing trend of temporary shops with a brand new and more flexible concept. They started from buying their first location, in the heart of Milan’s Navigli, and asked Sunrise Tag for designing a communication project that could help Milanovetrine in building its brand awareness and letting know its services to its B2B prospects. Of course, when we talk about startups we know we’re going to negotiate only low budgets, however in this case there was something special that fascinated us. It was the power of mistery, of the unknown: it’s difficult (and sometimes it seems maybe also useless) to guess a brand identity for a company whom mission is to rent showrooms to other companies with their own brands. But guess what? We did.


Curiosity is an uncontrollable and visceral feeling, and we wanted to bring some curiosity to our focused target and we used Milan Design Week and its Tortona area to create an event where creativity could play with a special mark, the question mark. The empty clean location became the perfect set for inserting some special polystyrene blocks, with question mark’s shape, everyone revisited and redesigned from a young Milan artist. The strange question marks substituted the mannequins in the shop windows and invited people to get in the space. We planned an opening night with the presence of the creative pool, too, who brought a lot of people keen in design, architecture, fashion and lifestyle. Our communication strategy was followed by an important project overview, from copy to graphics, from social media to event logistics, that gave useful results to Milanovetrine to start with its commercial activity… Guess what? Now the Milan shops are three!



You rocked, guys! I’m here for Milan Design Week and didn’t know your event: when I realized for whom you worked, I thought simply your idea is the most original seen during this week! Genius! - Marc T., a young designer who participated the event


  • Support
  • Young
  • Engage
  • Speak
  • Control
  • Develop
  • Present

Quick summary

  • People300+ participants
  • Plus7 days of scheduled activities
  • People60 square metres to fill in
  • SAVED20 polystyrene question marks as artistic sculptures
  • ROI<5k€ for organizing the whole project
  • People8 young designer invited for the opening night

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