Cuba no es mas un sueño

Which is the strongest way to communicate the brand values of a rhum made in Cuba? Go there.


In 2010 Havana Club launched the campaign "No hay nada como l'Havana", a mix of values, feelings, authentic relationships to discover the real cuban way of life. However, the Italian Havana Club team wanted to do something more, asking itself what was the best way to discover Havana. There was only an answer: go there! So, Havana Club married Sunbreak, the biggest Italian university summer event and moved it directly to Cuba for a special edition. This was the beginning of the greatest consumer event for Havana Club: Destinacion Havana. Havana Club Italy’s aims were bringing its strategic target to Cuba to live an extraordinary and really unique experience, increasing the brand image, transforming the participants into new brand ambassadors, measuring also the media coverage about this extraordinary project. Client: Cento&Venti, Milan


The first main aspect to consider was the complexity of mixing different wishes and resources from the several project partners: Cento&Venti, Havana Club Italy and its relationships with Havana Club International, Havanatur Italy, official travel agency, and Havanatur Cuba as holding. Moreover, there were also Air France, the carrier who booked 300 seats for this event, and the Cuban Ministry of Tourism, keen on focusing the authentic and contemporary perception of Cuba. Participants were in famous “La Bodeguita del Medio” and “Floridita”, rhum museum and cigars factory, visited cane plantations and wild forests, made parties in reserved beach and in best night clubs of L’Havana, toasted with chupitos along Malécon and took sun on catamarans which brought them on the lonely white-sand beach of Cayo Blanco: they paid only 990 euros for everything, flights included. All the promotional activities were lean and smart, looking for the maximum reachness and best conversions, focusing strategically on talking about Cuba in a new fresh way, powered by Havana Club values. In only 3 weeks, the flight for Destinacion Havana was completed sold out with 300 people. The one-week survey before the event underlined the importance to build strong relationship with cuban local partners: try only to imagine how difficult it’s been shipping 100kg materials to Cuban customs… “¡Que locura!”. Everything staying below the assigned budget. Something only for heroes.



Destinacion Havana had lead its target to become the starter of a bottom-up viral process, which has put Cuba and Havana Club as the real protagonists. This process had transformed participants in real Crusaders of Havana Club. There had been also a spontaneous birth of a secret Facebook group – only participants admitted – in which it’d been possible continuing talkin’ about the wonderful project by Havana Club, Cuba and its wild beauty, next flight… only to taste again a real Mojito!


  • Support
  • Young
  • Engage
  • Speak
  • Control
  • Develop
  • Present

Quick summary

  • People300 participants
  • SAVED990€ for every student
  • Plus+57% new likes on FB in 6 months
  • SAVED3 months to setup everything
  • ROI21 days to sold out the event
  • People5k contacts through iPad
  • People120 PR involved in 3 months
  • ROIunlimited best Mojito ever
  • People500K views on FB
  • SAVEDfree Spanish lessons

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