Snowboard is the key

When freestyle meets mainstream… in a quite cheap way.


Once upon a time, there was a brilliant meeting between three marketing managers with great-and-crazy ideas, that desired to replicate in Italy Laax’s swiss experience of Riders Palace. This beta project started in Bardonecchia, near Turin, in 2008. Young people who desire improving their snowboard technique come there and mix snow activity with social life in town. Riders Palace offered for 6 weekends a special pack with included: half board accommodation, 2-days skipass, parties, après-ski and also a free snowboard lesson… everything at the ridiculous price of 99 euros! In 2010 Riders Palace understood its new sustainability needs, identifying attendees’ number and event markup as the new project objectives. Client: Cento&Venti, Milan – Fiat Freestyle Team Agency: Connexia, Milan


The reason why Sunrise Tag still believes such in a great project is included in Riders Palace’s ability to become in few times an acknowledged format for core-targeted people who live for snow and freestyle as much as for young people, more mainstream-oriented, who love the possibility to enjoy sun, snow, rock music and lot of people at a very affordable cost. We worked with Fiat Freestyle Team to confirm some of its international athletes as event guest. People got the possibility to snow next to Filippo Kratter and Stefano Munari, learning their cool tricks and living as a real rider also out of slopes. With Vans, we designed a solution to involve young people – as Fiat management’s desire – in living Fiat driving experience: we offered to everyone a free test drive with Qubo and Doblò starting from hotel and finishing directly to ski slopes; since it’s impossible to drive with ski boots, we gave a pair of Vans shoes for another test experience. Brand empowerment was one of other guidelines in our work: the funny rock reindeer was more centralized in new logo design and the new claim “Rock’n’ride” gave much more importance to context in which Riders Palace was promoted: rock music was the soundtrack of this special 2-days package where “everything is included, really everything” as the viral spot said. Digital was improved with a brand new website, a blog who talked about news from snowboard world and linked to a smart booking system to choose the favourite weekend. Everyone from the Riders Palace team got in Bardonecchia Friday night and got off on Sunday afternoon. 48 rock hours!



While acting in its 3rd and 4th edition as event manager, it was clear the event potentiality not only as a format in Bardonecchia, but as a structured winter tour in different snowparks along italian Alps, which could offer its real attendees numbers as advantage than other competitors’ tours. In 2012 we tried to start with a road tour, but unexpected changes took off economic coverage to project, and we had to implement a crisis management plan to communicate event cancellation to Riders Palace’s fan. Their incredible support gave us a firm belief in proposing again in the future this kind of tour format.


  • Support
  • Young
  • Engage
  • Speak
  • Control
  • Develop
  • Present

Quick summary

  • People2109 participants (2011 ed.)
  • Plus+157% participants from 2010 to 2011
  • SAVED99€ each for the full package
  • Plus407 Fiat test drive in 12 days
  • Plus6 dates in Bardonecchia (Turin)
  • Plus37% weekend completely soldout
  • People531 max no. participants in one w.e.
  • People350 mean no. people for each w.e.
  • ROI4 editions since 2008
  • Plus+180% likes on FB from 2010 to 2011
  • People28% participants were 18-24 y.o.
  • Plus42% participants were women (2011 ed.)
  • People87% participants came from Northwest Italy (2011 ed.)

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