Never forget the first time

Springtime is always a good time to launch your (first) (true) project.


On our post-it there was a list of wonderful adjectives: alternative, experimental, original, mind-blowing, astonishing, surprising, never seen and never heard, because the topic is the “first time”. We’ve always been good event producers, but the official launch of imposed more powerful steps to everyone of us. We wanted to associate for one time, the first time, the name of Giovami with the organization of a great and original cross cultural event in Milan. When we thought about the event name, we considered of course it was spring (=primavera) and it was the first time we official said to the public who Giovami is (=prima volta): we wanted to celebrate these occasions. We had the possibility to play on this double meaning (“the first time” and the “spring-flowerish background”) and we started think about an atmosphere that could merge at the same time every kind of big and deep emotions connected with our first time and the freshness of spring with its colours.


The aim of this event leaded to a special multi-artistic content, with a wide range from art installations to performing arts, from visual art to live music and dj set. We had the possibility to transform the Teatro Franco Parenti in a modern temple where electro music merged the projections whom he’s used to dress up Berlin’s buildings with lights and images: the main guest artist Philipp Geist, known for his special performances in international festivals, gave a shape to the minimal music of Fabrizio Nocci. Designed on two levels, PrimaVera Volta has offered everyone the possibility to discover art installations of young and emerging artists powered by MUSAE. Following her technological identity, Giovami managed virtually all entrance system, avoiding long queues and paper waste. People needed to reserve their online ticket before the event date: so we set up a guerrilla tour in Milan, where Prima, Vera and Volta became the names of three mysterious ladies popping up in public places as well as in front of clubs distributing original and ambivalent flyers/flowers.



We’ve to say thanks also to Alessandro M. Naboni for his contribution in shooting a short film connected with the mood of the project. “Maledetta PrimaVera Volta” – that’s the name of the movie – was shot in only 24 hours, just one day in April 2010, in Milan. With a very lean organization, we quickly built a support troupe and we found some Giovami’s friends who accepted to play for a good cause. The film is about an ending love story between M and J, and it follows the protagonists in the 24 hours who came first to PrimaVera Volta. Everything starts at the sunset of the day before and it ends the evening of the same event, with the final written by one of the participants, scriptwriter for the first time.


  • Support
  • Young
  • Engage
  • Speak
  • Control
  • Develop
  • Present

Quick summary

  • People500+ participants
  • Plus1500+ drinks served
  • SAVED11 hours to transform a theatre in a club
  • Plus8 hours non-stop of live music and visuals
  • People85% were under 30 years old
  • ROI<10k euros of total costs in budget
  • SAVED<24h to shoot a short film for the event promotion
  • People13 staff people

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